Adhesive Corner Protectors

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Protect children from sharp corners with shock-absorbing corner guards. 8 included

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Adhesive Corner Protectors x 8

Revolutionary design that works! Fred Corner Protectors are thin enough to use 2 on most corners - on the top and the bottom to give maximum protection from falls and bumped heads.


Safety just got smarter

  • Uses Fred SecureHold™ adhesive to create a powerful and durable bond that attaches to most surfaces in your home, and can't be tugged off by small children
  • Curved, 2-component design. A rigid inner shell designed to bind with the Fred SecureHold™ adhesive and keep protectors firmly in place, and a softer shock-absorbing outer layer to ensure excellent impact protection - and still thin enough to fit 2 to table corners (min. 16mm thick).
  • Bite and choke safe. All children chew on things, so these are made from non toxic, food-grade material. Their size, shape and rigidity ensure that they do not constitute a choke hazard in the event that one comes away.
  • Damage free removal. By following the instructions, you'll leave no sticky residue and be able to remove without damaging most surfaces.

Use from when your baby starts to move, normally from about 6 months of age - and they are equally useful for protecting your shins on sharp bed corners etc.

Pack of 8 in Dark Grey or White


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"Children often crouch down - with Corner Protectors fitted on lower corners as well as top ones, little heads are as safe when they fall down as when they stand up"



Cheeky Rascals (Fred) is proud to be a founding member of the Global Alliance for Child Safety. Click here for more info 




1 review for Adhesive Corner Protectors

  1. 5 out of 5

    Really easy to fit and don’t look out of place in our living room.

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