Plug Socket Covers


Child-proof your unused power sockets and allow children to play safely.

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Plug Socket Covers

Over 50% of plug sockets are never used! Yet most are at child-height.....cover them up with our plug socket covers, and you deny your child access to the socket, so they can't push anything into the holes.

Safety just got smarter

  • Smooth, no grip design. An extra tight fit and bevelled edges prevent little ones from grasping and tampering.
  • Two step - lift and pull child-proof removal. Either lift the arm with your nail or place a coin in the horizontal slot to release it. Either way, only adult hands are strong enough to remove the socket cover.
  • Locks with a 'click' so you know it's safely in place, and your child protected.
  • Designed to fit a UK 3-pin Type G socket. No tools needed for installation.
Use from when your baby starts to move, normally from about 6 months of age.
Pack of 6 in Pure White



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"Children love to copy, so try to use plug sockets when children are looking the other way and reduce any temptation to fiddle!"



Cheeky Rascals (Fred) is proud to be a founding member of the Global Alliance for Child Safety. Click here for more info





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