Pressure Fit Wooden Stairgate


Open your way to a safer home with the most beautiful yet secure of safety gates possible – and enjoy the warm elegance of natural carved wood. Available in Dark Oak Wood Panel or White Wood Panel.

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Pressure Fit Wooden Stairgate

Safety gates have become beautiful! Combining contemporary modern style with uncompromising levels of  safety, Fred has created a range of gates that are unparalleled in their elegance and effectiveness. Made from the highest possible quality materials throughout, the sculpted Poplar wood taken from sustainable forests provides warm, elegantly finished protection in your home.

Details such as the glow strip to illuminate the bottom rail, the extra sure magnetic slam-shut locking system and the Accu-Fit™ indicators (that make installation easy and ensure that you always know that the gate remains set up correctly), give you the peace of mind that you need.

Pressure gates ALWAYS need to be fitted with wall cups, but with our Fred SecureHold™ adhesive, these can simply be fitted with adhesive against wood - though you'll still need to use screws for fitting the wall cups to other surfaces.

In brief, we can give you 4 great reasons for installing this Fred pressure-fit safety gate.



Reassuringly child-proof

  • 77cm of height that a young child won’t climb over
  • Manual 2-way child-proof magnetic locking system
  • Visual colour alert for when the gate is left unlocked
  • Top quality, strong materials to withstand heavy impacts
  • Bite-proof materials and lick-safe finishes throughout


Unbelievably practical

  • Use just one hand for opening and closing
  • Slam-shut auto-lock function to make opening even easier
  • Gate can swing in either direction
  • Optional 1-way swing setting
  • Gate quickly removed (and replaced) when not required


Simple to fit

  • Accu-Fit™ indicators show when the gate has been installed correctly
  • Screws, fittings and a magnetic spirit level to ensure the perfect fit all included
  • Designed to fit walls with or without a skirting board
  • Fits openings 75-124.5cm wide by adding up to 6 extensions. 2 included, additional extensions available as accessories
  • Screw-fit or adhesive wall cups for additional safety


Unbeatable design

  • Beautifully carved Poplar wood, delightfully smooth to the touch
  • Glow-in-the-dark anti trip Strip to illuminate the bottom rail
  • Elegant, unobtrusive fittings with finger-safe hinges
  • Colour options available to blend with your home
  • Meeting and exceeding safety standards


When and where to use

Problems fitting?

In some situations, the opening that you are trying to protect makes it awkaward to fit a stairgate.

  • If you have narrow spindles that you wish to fit this stairgate to, simply use our Y Spindle accessory
  • If the opening that you are trying to protect makes it awkward to fit a stairgate take a look at our Stairpost or Wall and Skirting Fitting Kits which are designed to help
  • If you are having trouble with the width of the opening you are trying to protect take a look at our Pressure Gate Extension Kit



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"Get in the habit of closing the gate every time you pass through, even when your child is asleep. Ensure that visitors know to do the same."



Cheeky Rascals (Fred) is proud to be a founding member of the Global Alliance for Child Safety. Click here for more info




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