Pressure Gate Extension Kit


Easy-fit way of installing Fred Pressure-Fit Wooden and Clear View Stairgates into wider stairways and openings.

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Pressure Gate Extension Kit

Designed to fit all Fred Wooden and Clear-View Pressure Fit Stairgates. Contains 2, 1 for each side of the gate.


Safety just got smarter

  • Use up to 3 Extensions either side of your gate.
  • Each extension will widen your gate by 7cm.
  • With up to 6 Extensions, your gate still meets EN1930:2011 safety standard.
  • Simply pushes into each side of your gate, no tools required.
  • Made from bite-proof materials with a lick-proof finish.


Where and when to use

If you haven't bought your stair gate yet, see Fred's range here

If you need to make your Fred pressure-fit gate fit to narrow spindles or stairposts, please see Fred Y Spindles 

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"Wait until children are asleep in bed or being looked after by an adult in another room before trying to install any child safety product"



Cheeky Rascals (Fred) is proud to be a founding member of the Global Alliance for Child Safety. Click here for more info




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