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About us

Our Vision


Easy Fitting

We create innovative patented solutions that are designed for easy, frustration-free fitting to make sure they are installed quickly and safely – the first time.


Performance Materials

Made using engineered high-performance materials instead of the typical commodity-type plastics found in most safety products.


Designed with Style

Modern and innovative products making your home safer for your children. Designed to be easy to use and made to complement your home’s style.

About Fred

Fred is the result of years of collaborative effort between a father and son team of Danish designers (with almost 60 years of experience with home safety products!), and product specialists from the UK, USA, Germany and China. Every one of the team is deeply committed to improving child safety – and there is a lot we can do.

Every week, at least 1 child under 5 is killed in the UK in an accident, more than 75% of these fatal accidents happen in the home. 60 under 5’s are hospitalised each week as a result of a burn or a scald, and no-one knows how many more are hurt to a lesser extent (data taken from ROSPA accident statistics).

Nothing beats parental supervision but accidents can happen; each and every clever little idea from Fred is designed to improve child safety to give you peace of mind. Safer by design and engineered using high performance materials, Fred products are fantastically quick and easy to install. Our findings are that too many safety products are bought and never installed so we have put a lot of effort into simple, full colour you-can-do-it instructions and videos.  EZ-Tools™ simplify the tricky lining up of locks and catches, spirit levels and fittings are included as required and we use adhesives wherever it is safe to do so.

In all this work, we realised that there is a vacuum resulting from inadequate regulation in this sector – only safety gates are covered by a safety standard (EN1930), so most safety products are not safety tested! To address this, the Fred team have got together with other like-minded individuals as a founding member of GACS (Global Alliance for Child Safety).

Committed to taking home safety to a higher level, GACS is a voluntary organisation. It promotes education as a means to understanding and avoiding everyday hazards in the home, and is developing safety protocols that will push home safety products to go further than ever before to protect our children.

Concepts that are GACS approved product will, as far as foreseeable, NOT

  • Create an additional hazard in the home as a result of its installation e.g. Corner protectors that become a choking hazard if detached from the table top.
  • Introduce new finger, hip or head entrapment’s into the home for the age of the child that the product is trying to protect.
  • Be manufactured from materials that cannot withstand the forces likely to be applied e.g. drawer locks that snap, stove guards that shatter to generate sharp shards of plastic.
  • Have an on/off function that parents may forget to re-engage
  • Be so difficult to fit that they are rarely installed correctly – if at all.
  • Be attractive to the child such that they will want to play with them.

Wherever possible, Fred products automatically close as a cupboard, drawer or gate is shut. Unlocking our products will ALWAYS require a 2 or even 3 way toddler proof action and we have made it possible for parents to temporarily remove products when they need to between children in a way that they can later be safely re-installed.

There is a lot more work to do, but with Fred’s uncompromising approach, you can be sure that we are working to make your home safer in every way that we can.

Safety products can only go so far, it remains as important as ever to teach your child to ‘think safe’ and to never leave a child unattended.

Why Fred Is So Good


Fred is the result of years of collaborative…


You can’t make an omelette with a bad egg…


Every week, at least 1 child under 5 is…


  Fred products are fantastically quick and easy to…


Perfect covers for plugs sockets to protect little exploring fingers. My fourteen month old tinker is too clever for his own good and likes things that fit together, like plugs and sockets.

Judy Brown

These corner protectors have really helped! I used them on my coffee table, since my 10 month old son is crawling and cruising. They block the hard corners.

Lisa Turner

Grips the door really well. Easy on the eye. Looks great. A little more expensive than the foam ones. But I’d rather not have bits of foam sliding down my doors. You get what you pay for.

John Bravery