In Danish, Fred means peace which represents our mission to bring peace of mind to every family by helping to protect children in the home. Fred is a collaboration of Danish designers and an international group of product specialist who create innovative and stylish safety products.

Not enough! There is EN1930 for safety gates, and apart from that, nothing for all the other home safety items available. Fred products are tested to the relevant clauses of EN71-1, the toy standard, and Fred is a founding member of GACS, an organisation working towards higher standards of safety.

We always design our products to promote best practice in our industry and are constantly fighting to raise awareness of the potential hazards of using poor quality alternatives which can end up posing more of a risk than the original danger they were designed to protect against.

As soon as little ones can move around on their own, they can get into every cupboard or drawer and nowhere is off limits. They learn from watching you and are guaranteed to seek out the items that they see you using every day which unfortunately includes the dangerous things like cleaning products and kitchen knives. Stairs in your house become the ultimate toddler playground and are just too tempting for little ones. All these every day items in your home become potential dangers for a child on the move so baby proofing is absolutely necessary!

Ideally you need to baby proof your home before your little one starts crawling or walking, because once they start moving, they won’t stop! Very quickly you will begin to realise how dangerous your home is, we recommend you start baby proofing at around 6 months so you are ready in plenty of time for baby to start crawling.

It can be daunting to look at your whole house and try to work out what you need to baby proof, so we recommend working your way through the house room by room.

Get down to your toddlers level by crawling around on your hands and knees (yes really!) so that you can identify the dangers and then make a list of everything you need to move or safeguard in that room before moving on to the next.

Yes! According to ROSPA, every week at least one child under-5 is killed in an accident and more than 75% of these will do so in the home. At least half of all under-5’s will attend A&E this year because of an accident. Every week 60 under-5’s are hospitalised as a result of a burn or scald and over 100 are hospitalised for accidental poisoning. Almost all of these accidents are preventable.

At Fred, we are passionate about helping every family to baby proof their home easily and quickly to help prevent these terrible accidents from happening. We believe it is one of the most important things you can do as a parent because it helps to safeguard your children and give you peace of mind that they are protected against accidents and injuries at home.