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Have you heard about Button Batteries?

Monday 15 July 2019

Button batteries are found in many common household appliances. They are slightly bigger than a 5 pence piece and shiny silver so they look like treasure to a small child. Usually they are completely harmless, you probably don’t even notice their role in your home, but when swallowed by a child they can pose a […]

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Have you taken the easter egg test?

With Easter fast approaching and the shops full to the rafters with chocolate treats of every shape and size, you might want to think carefully about what the Easter bunny brings this year. You have probably seen warnings on social media and in the news recently about the dangers of Mini Eggs and other small, […]

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Baby’s First Christmas – don’t add to the statistics!

Monday 03 December 2018

Just as you get used to your tiny baby, have pretty much sorted out the whole sleeping, feeding thing – or at least learnt a new rhythm – it all changes! Your baby starts moving around, and your world turns upside down all over again. At Christmas time this can be scary stuff. Christmas is […]

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Winter Blues

Thursday 18 January 2018

Winter blues? Time to get home safety sorted while you’re spending so much time indoors. None of us get outside as much as we would like in winter, small children possibly even less than most. Short, cold days effectively trap us indoors, and little ones have more time than ever to explore their home – […]

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