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Entertain safely this bank holiday weekend

If you are entertaining over the bank holiday weekend, then it is important to consider child safety if you are inviting families with young children or if you have children of your own.

When we are busy cooking, pouring drinks and socialising at the same time, it can be difficult to keep track of where the kids are and if they are also having fun in the kitchen then unfortunately that’s when accidents can happen.

Top tips for cooking safely over the bank holiday weekend and beyond

  1. Keep children away from the stove area. Consider creating a ‘safe zone’ in the kitchen where they can play out of harms way if they want to be close to you
  2. Put sharp utensils and knives out of sight and out of reach in locked drawers or cupboards
  3. Turn pan handles towards the back of the hob to keep them out of reach of little hands
  4. Use the hob rings at the back of the stove as much as possible
  5. Install a stove guard around your hob to prevent accidents

It isn’t nice to think about accidents happening at home but by giving it some thought now, you will be free to enjoy your bank holiday to the full.

Prevent accidents before they happen

One of the greatest risks to child safety in the home is your stove, particularly if you have a gas hob. Children are often fascinated by the blue flames flickering and the knobs that you can play with so the risk is twofold; not only can they burn or scald themselves from the cooking, but they could also cause a gas leak by playing with the controls. All this can be prevented with a Hob and Stove guard from Fred Safety.

Unlike other stove guards that are made from see-through Perspex, the Fred hob guard is made from strong, durable aluminium so it stops your little one from seeing the hob and therefore removes temptation. Aluminium doesn’t conduct heat so your little one can’t burn themselves if they touch the hob guard and unlike the Perspex versions that often don’t adhere properly, the Fred hob guard won’t bend, break or come loose if your little one tries to pull it down. This is thanks to the super strong adhesive which is used in the space program!

The award-winning design extends to fit most hobs and remains strong even at full extension without creating any finger traps. It can be removed by an adult, giving you the flexibility to take it off when you are cooking without your children or as they get older and want to help you cook, and is dishwasher proof for when you’ve been making a particularly messy meal!

Relax and enjoy the bank holiday

Once your hob guard is in place you will have peace of mind that your children and their friends can’t reach the hob while you are cooking, leaving you free to concentrate on relaxing and having fun this bank holiday. Whatever you have planned, we hope you have a great time! Share your plans and kitchen safety tips with us at…