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Have you taken the easter egg test?

With Easter fast approaching and the shops full to the rafters with chocolate treats of every shape and size, you might want to think carefully about what the Easter bunny brings this year.

You have probably seen warnings on social media and in the news recently about the dangers of Mini Eggs and other small, hard chocolate eggs that can pose a serious choke hazard to babies and young children.

Unfortunately, these tempting treats are the same size as a child’s airways, and because of the hard shell, they are unlikely to melt and shrink in size if they do become stuck, which can make it very hard for your child to clear the blockage.

Test your eggs with the Fred choke tester

If you or someone you know has purchased small chocolate eggs or balls for your children for Easter and you are concerned that they may be a choking hazard, then there is a simple test you can do.

The Fred choke tester comes as part of our 17-piece Fred Home Safety Starter Kit and is also included in the Fred Home Safety Check Tools. This simple tool can help you test whether an item represents a choke hazard for a child, simply by putting the item in to the choke tester. If it fits flush inside then it is a potential risk, if it doesn’t fit in, then a child is unlikely to choke on it.

Get older children involved

If you have older children, then you can get them involved in testing their Easter eggs and their toys to see if they will fit inside the choke tester. If they do fit inside, you can explain to the older child that they need to keep those out of babies reach and lock them in a high cupboard out of sight.

Talk to older siblings about the potential dangers of leaving small things like Mini Eggs or Lego lying around and empower them to take responsibility for keeping them out of the little ones reach. They will enjoy the thrill of being able to have something that their little brother or sister isn’t allowed and will probably relish the opportunity to be ‘grown up’ and careful where they leave things.

Take your Fred choke tester shopping

The Fred choke tester is so small that you can easily fit it in your handbag or pocket and take it with you when you go Easter egg shopping. There are so many amazing Easter treats on offer that you will easily find some yummy gifts for your little ones that don’t pose a choking hazard, just make sure you test them with the choke tester before you put them in your basket. Keep in mind that even larger eggs should be chopped down to a sensible size and shape before offering them to a small child.

We wish you all a very happy Easter. We would love to hear from you if you are using the choke tester or any other Fred Safety products, email us on or tag us on social media on…