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Moving your baby into their own room? My top tips for a safe bedroom!

We never stop thinking about our little ones safety. I think the stress and worry can be all consuming when you have a new baby. And as they grow,  we naturally relax a little. Every month they get bigger and become more robust and before we know it they are moving into their own room or out of the cot and into a bed.  Whilst our worries may change, the one thing that remains is the need for them to always feel and be safe at home. 

Firstly the Lullaby Trust recommends babies sleep in the same room as you until they are at least 6 months old so this blog is aimed at those little ones who are over 6 months old and who are ready to make the move into their new room. 

I was staggered by the figures Fred Safety sent my way. Did you know that every week, at least 1 child under 5 is killed in the UK in an accident and that more than 75% of these fatal accidents happen in the home? I didn’t and this figure has stuck with me. 

A little one’s sleep environment is not only important from a sleep point of view but also from a safety point of view. A good night’s sleep starts with a calming, cool room. But what we don’t talk about enough is how safe this room is and should be! 

Here are my top tips for ensuring your little one’s sleep environment is as safe as can be before they make the transition to their new room. 

  1. Start with the bedding
    If your baby is still in a cot, we want to ensure there are no cot bumpers and the space remains clear of anything that your little one could pull themselves up to grab. I prefer to recommend sleeping suits such as the Love to Dream ones over loose blankets. Not only does this help with regulating body temperature but it is also safer.
  2. Secure furniture to the walls

You may wonder how this impacts a 6 month old but babies are becoming more and more mobile and it won’t be long before the book shelf in their room looks like the perfect place to start trying to pull themselves up. 

When little ones are mobile or able to climb out of cots or are able to get out of bed, you will want to ensure that all furniture is secured to the walls. Securing everything to the wall where you can will give you great peace of mind and Fred Safety makes this really easy with their Anti-Tip Kit!

3. Leads, cables and pulleys

Have a look at where your baby or toddler sleeps. Are they by the window? Are there any chords or pulleys they can access from their sleep space that they could get into trouble with? Can they climb onto a surface and access any string toys or pulley chords? It’s so important that we get down to their level and see the world from where they are. You’ll be amazed at how different it all looks!

4. Fingers in doors 

You can do this for all the doors in your house but overnight if you have a toddler climbing out of bed or a child who needs to use the bathroom, you want that peace of mind that they are safe around doors. Fred Safety do the best door slam stoppers I have tried, so much better than other brands, these are really robust and are perfect for little hands who like to play with doors!!

5. Roaming around the house
My advice on a stair gate is to use one on the bedroom door when you are worried about your little one’s safety. We live in a house of stairs and a stair gate offers that peace of mind that if my toddler is sleepwalking (which happens) or needs me in the night, she won’t trip down the step from her room or even worse down the main stairs. They also can help with the transition from a cot to a big bed, as little ones still enjoy boundaries and need to learn what’s safe and what isn’t. The Fred Safety Stair Gates are perfect for keeping your little ones safe in their bedroom over night, meaning you can rest easy knowing your baby or toddler is as safe as possible when you aren’t around!

6.Protect your little ones head

Babies and toddlers seem to be just the right height to catch every corner going and nothing makes me more anxious than my little ones being able to play safely without any harm coming their way. When you are prepping your baby’s bedroom, again, take a look at the room from their height. You will want to protect the heads of those little ones who are practicing pulling themselves up or who are cruising. I would definitely recommend getting some corner protectors for their furniture. 

There are some amazing safety items over at Fred Safety and I would recommend you grab one of their bundles to make this job easier! Once you have ensured your baby’s room is safe, moving them will definitely feel a lot easier. 

Cara is an Infant Sleep Coach and founder of The Sleep Method. She helps sleep deprived families to facilitate effective and gentle methods to improve their child’s sleep, allowing for a more energised and healthy family life. 

If you would like to find out more about making the transition to a new room a smooth one for your little one, please speak to Cara or follow her on Instagram for lots of sleep tips and support!