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Real Dad Story: With The Honest Dad

I’m a (relatively) new father to an 11 month old little boy who is an absolute legend – I am biased but he’s hilarious! I have a blog and I write for BabyCentre, Emma’s Diary, Angels and Urchins as well as FQ.

When did you start thinking about home safety?
We really started thinking about safety when the baby started crawling and moving more. He is a quick learner and we found that within a week everything changed, with new dangers presenting themselves. Now he is walking, we are so glad we were prepared.

Have you ever had an accident or near miss with your baby?
There have been a few occasions where we’ve had near misses. You sometimes don’t consider things until they happen though. Our little boy had a short and relatively strong smelling relationship with plug-in air fresheners. He decided that he wanted to pull them out every time he saw one, so it’s safe to say they were quickly removed!

What were the first home safety precautions you put in place?
The first big safety precaution we sorted out was the stair gate. What with the boy on the move, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any tumbles down the stairs – like I say, our son is lively and even when he was crawling, he was surprisingly fast!

Did you feel that you had enough information about what to do to make your home safe?
I think that some of it is common sense, some of it you learn as you go along and some of it is unnecessary. If we wanted to truly baby proof our house, it would have padded walls and we wouldn’t be able to live in it. It might have been helpful to have a bit more information about the common hazards though. Trial and error means tears, and if they can be avoided, ideal!

What would you do differently knowing what you do now?
Not a lot I don’t think. Babies have tumbles and they learn – it’s a part of life. I’m really happy with the quality of our stair gate though and I’m so glad we went for the one we did. The barred ones aren’t for us!

Did you use other home safety products before the Fred ones?
For us, Fred were the market leaders so we didn’t consider any other brands. Budget quality, budget safety – that’s what I say.

What advice would you give to parents who are thinking about buying home safety products?
Think carefully about how safe products actually are before you part with your cash. It’s also worth thinking about the aesthetics of a product too. You spend so much time and money making your house look nice, don’t ruin it with prison-esque, mediocre safety gates. 

What was the most effective safety precaution you took?
I’ll go on about it for days, but our Clear-View stair gate is by far the most vital part of our baby-based-danger-defense. It means we can put the worry of the baby climbing or falling down the stairs to one side. The kid is a ninja and he can clamber up a full set of stairs in about 12 seconds flat if he wants too. He also knows he shouldn’t, so that makes it all the more fun for him!

What is that one piece of advice on home safety you’d like to offer new parents or parents to be?
Don’t scrimp on home safety, you spend a lot of time at home and it’s a place where your baby learns the most about being mobile…don’t make it too hard for them!

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