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Real Mum Stories: The Popitha Twins

Hello, My name is Anna and I am the editor of Popitha, a blog all about my 2 year old twin girls Poppy and Tabitha. I am here to help and support parents with twins through everyday life and to give advice on travelling with twins. However, everyone is welcome of course!

When did you start thinking about home safety?
We had to start thinking about the twin’s safety as soon as they started moving at 9 months. One would often lead the other astray and then we were in all sorts of trouble!

Have you ever had an accident or near miss with your baby?
No luckily the girls weren’t climbers and we thought ahead about safety proofing the house.

What were the first home safety precautions you put in place?
The first things we did were put gates around the house so the twins couldn’t get up or fall down the stairs. Next we put door stoppers on the doors to stop their fingers getting trapped. Then the cupboards had safety locks on them, especially the ones under the sink!

Was it easy to put these precautions in place?
Yes, you just have to allow yourself time to do it. We bought the FRED starter kit which gave us an idea of what we needed and added to it as we felt necessary.

Did they work?
Yes, two years on and they still can’t get in anything or get up the stairs. But then neither can Granny!!

Did you feel that you had enough information about what to do to make your home safe?
I don’t think there is a lot of information out there, it is mainly looking at the dangers in your own home but I have written an article on toddler proofing your home.


What would you do differently knowing what you do now?
I am not sure I would do anything differently, I think everyone’s situation is different and if our new baby is more boisterous than the girls are, we might need to take different precautions when this little one starts moving.

How did you teach older children to consider their own safety and that of others?
The twins are just starting to understand this. For example, they understand when something is hot which I think is a hard concept to learn but we just kept telling them the dangers and what will happen. So for example, if they don’t hold on going down the stairs then they might fall and will hurt themselves and have to go to the doctor. It is about putting the consequences into a situation that they can understand.

Did you use other home safety products before the Fred ones?
No, Fred were our first point of call. They were extremely high quality products which were easy to fix and didn’t look tacky on our furniture.

What advice would you give to parents who are thinking about buying home safety products?
Just remember, you can’t wrap your children up in cotton wool 24/7, but you can take precautions before some incidents arise and this is why FRED products are perfect for this. They supply everything you need to get you started!

What was the most effective safety precaution you took?
Stairgates and cupboard locks. But if we had a climber, I would make sure the furniture was secured to the wall too and our higher furniture items already are.

What is that one piece of advice on home safety you’d like to offer new parents or parents to be?
Be forward thinking and do invest in high quality baby-proofing products such as FRED. With something such as the safety of your little one, you want to make sure you can rely on the brand you’re introducing to your home.


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