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Real Mum Stories: With Rebecca

Hello! I’m Rebecca, 24 years old and living in North Yorkshire with my 2 beautiful son’s Alfie and Woody and my fiancé Steve. I’m a stay at home mummy. I have a successful Instagram account and YouTube channel related to my lifestyle, beauty, fashion and other bits in between such as my crazy non-stop mummy life.

When did you start thinking about home safety?
Once Woody was on the move and he started to get super fast, I knew we needed to make the house a safer place for a baby crawling around everywhere.

Have you ever had an accident or near miss with your baby?
Oh yes lots of times, Woody’s always trying to open doors and holding onto furniture he shouldn’t be so we’ve had our share of tumbles. It makes me feel really nervous now that he’s into everything now.  

What were the first home safety precautions you put in place?
We got our fabulous gate from Fred Safety on his bedroom door so I knew I could pop him in his room and he’d be safe in there if I ever need to leave him for a few minutes.

Did you feel that you had enough information about what to do to make your home safe?
I don’t feel there is that much in depth information out there, stressing the importance of effectively babyproofing your home. When you see the stats, it really puts it into perspective and should be a priority for all parents with little ones. I have to say, finding Fred- there is so much to learn and the instructions that come with their products told us exactly what we needed to do and flag hazards in the home.


What would you do differently knowing what you do now?
Babyproof the house earlier to protect Woody, pretty much as soon as he started becoming more mobile, to really reduce the risk of him having a bad accident.

Did you use other home safety products before the Fred ones?
When my son Alfie was a baby we had a baby gate but it was the one with bars and he used to get his arms stuck in there all the time, that’s why I love the Fred Clear-View Safety Gate so much and it’s so stylish.

What advice would you give to parents who are thinking about buying home safety products?
Get them as soon as your little ones show any signs of being on the move because trust me, they’re so quick and they develop literally overnight. 

What was the most effective safety precaution you took?
I love the Fred Door Slam Stoppers. They’re great as Woody loves to try and close our doors and I was so nervous he would get his little fingers caught before we installed these.

What is that one piece of advice on home safety you’d like to offer new parents or parents to be?
Make sure you fit the products properly so they work to their full potential.