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Real parents review the Fred Safety Stairgate

When we designed the Fred Safety Stairgate range, we wanted to offer parents award winning safety, without compromising on style.

Too often as parents, we must compromise on aesthetics in order to provide for our children, our homes are taken over by toys and other baby paraphernalia and the idea of adding to that with ugly metal bars everywhere could quickly turn a house in to a prison.

We think we have cracked this dilemma with our Clear View Fred Safety Stairgate, but don’t just take our word for it, we asked real parents to share their experiences…

“Looks great to the point i forget its actually there”

“Its clear plastic is exactly what it says on the tin. Clear. So, you can see your baby through it. It’s also super easy to clean as its one smooth surface to wipe down. We opted for the screw fit; it looks great to the point that I forget it’s actually there. What I love most is how I can see Otis while I run the bath, nip to the toilet or cook the dinner. It was also super easy to fit too. And don’t let anyone ever tell you that baby equipment will ruin your house, because they obviously haven’t seen these Fred safety gates.” Amanda Cotton @houselust

“It really is baby proof”

“We opted for the pressure fit gate, with a newly renovated home, I earn brownie points every time I don’t request a hole is made in the wall. It arrived needing little assembly, Tom threw it together in half an hour, the instructions are really clear, there are even step by step fitting videos on the website. We went old school. I say ‘we’, I provided purely moral support, but I could totally have done it myself. I just like him to stay busy. It’s been well tested by G, now thirteen months, and she actually lost interest once she carried out a full investigation and found that it is really is baby proof. I’m thrilled that I don’t need to be quite so hot on her tail. Obviously, I’m overjoyed that it’s made our stairs safe, that’s what’s most important, but I am almost equally thrilled at how stylish it is. It fits seamlessly with our interior style and the clear view means that the hallway still looks open and bright. It’s a hit.” @nicolagfriend

“When it comes to stair safety, you’ve got to get it right and they really have”

“I’m hugely impressed with it. The gate is a work of art. It’s simple and sleek and comes in just 3 parts (two wall supports and the gate itself). Fitting is straightforward. The kit comes complete with a plethora of spacers, screws, plugs and fittings to allow the perfect set up – no need to faff buying spacer blocks and different fitting separately like many other gates. Realistically, fitting took about 20 minutes and in that time, I changed my mind on where I was putting each piece, so it is honestly pretty simple. I have to say I think it’s mint…something I thought I’d never say about a stair gate! Aesthetically, it blends in with the house seamlessly and practically, it stops the baby falling down the stairs. Win. What I love most about the acryllic gate is that he can’t get any limbs caught – and trust me, if it was possible, he would have done it by now. The top mounted handle means that his beady little eyes can’t see how he can open the gate the weight provides sturdiness and rigidity, meaning even with the baby leaning against the gate he’s totally safe. Overall, we are well impressed with The Fred Clear View – when it comes to stair safety, you’ve got to get it right and they really have.” @thehonestdad

Find out for yourself

If you want to provide a safe environment for your child but don’t want to sacrifice your interior design then check out the Fred Safety Clear View Stairgate and let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you!