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Winter Blues

Winter blues? Time to get home safety sorted while you’re spending so much time indoors.

None of us get outside as much as we would like in winter, small children possibly even less than most. Short, cold days effectively trap us indoors, and little ones have more time than ever to explore their home – but is it safe?

Now that the excitement of Christmas is over, you’ll have more time to get childproofing, and with a few simple steps, an adventurous child can be kept safe and sound.

With the Christmas tree down and cleared away it’s time to have a good look round for choke hazards – small baubles and other bits and pieces that have rolled under cupboards, between sofa cushions etc. Not sure how small is small? A choke tester will quickly help you understand the surprisingly large size of objects considered to be hazardous to the under 3’s. At just £3.99, a kit including a choke tester, finger trap probe and warning stickers is fantastic value for money.

Falls can be really harmful – think stairgates and window locks, remembering to only fit a Screw Fit Safety Gate at the top of stairs (the bottom bar of a pressure gate is a trip hazard that could have you and/or your children tumbling down the stairs). If your children often slip on rugs as they charge around the house, Fred Anti-Skid Tape will sort out that particular hazard – and is great on wooden stairs too.

Are cupboards and drawers containing medicines, poisons, knives, china etc. child proof? You can get locks that are invisible and fit inside a cupboard or others that fit to the outside. Your choice will depend largely on the geometry of your cupboards and drawers – if you’re not sure what is the right fit, get in touch with a professional child-proofer, a knowledgeable retailer or a supplier (I know that our Fred team love being given the chance to help out).

Burns and scalds are something else to look out for. Keeping hot drinks up high and away from the edge of tables will help a lot, as will fitting a Stove & Hob Guard so that gas flames and hot pans are out of reach.

Kids love climbing, and what looks like furniture to you, a curious toddler will see as a ladder. Tragically, cupboards and drawers will often tip forward on top of an adventurous climber, so securing furniture to the wall is a sensible precaution. If your furniture is made from chipboard or MDF under the outer veneer, a screw fitting system won’t hold. You’ll need to use the Fred Adhesive Anti-Tip Kit which is strong, quick to fit yet won’t damage your furniture.

Prevention is better than cure, but don’t worry, it’s not just qualified handymen that can put these measures in place. With the launch of the Fred range, it has never been easier to fit safety products throughout the home. With installation tools to allow you to fit cupboard locks in seconds, a focus on adhesive fittings together with clear user guides and videos, you’ll be really chuffed for getting it all sorted so quickly and easily.