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At Fred, safety isn't just a priority; it's our unwavering passion. Our journey began with a simple question: How "Safe" is "Safe Enough"? In the realm of children's home safety, innovation has been stagnant for decades. As parents, we grew frustrated with underperforming products, recognising the need for a superior approach.

Enter Fred – Elevating Safety Standards.®

The Statistics

Childhood accidents present a significant health concern, contributing to preventable deaths, severe injuries, and long-term disabilities throughout the UK.

Children under 5 face a heightened risk of home accidents, with falls dominating non-fatal incidents and threats like suffocation, strangulation, and choking causing the highest fatality rates.

While the living/dining room hosts the highest number of accidents, the kitchen and stairs witness the most severe incidents.

Each year, over 67,000 children encounter kitchen accidents, with 43,000 of them aged 0-4, and over 58,000 experience stair-related incidents.

Our Mission

The key takeaway is that most home accidents can be prevented through heightened awareness, home environment enhancements, and improved product safety. Our commitment is unwavering – safeguarding children from lurking dangers within homes.

Our success stems from a simple pledge: to lead the home safety arena by delivering top-notch safety solutions that also boast aesthetic appeal. Daily, we strive to discover novel and superior methods to enhance the safety of your home for your children.

With a team boasting over 60 years of collective experience in the global home safety sector, we proudly stand as founding members of The Global Alliance for Child Safety.

This international organisation unites companies, organisations, and individuals sharing a common goal: establishing a higher standard for superior and safer home safety products for children worldwide.

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