Fred Safety Home Safety Check Tools (x3 pieces)
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Fred Safety Home Safety Check Tools (x3 pieces)


Understanding what hazards are is a great way of preventing accidents in the home.

Thinking safe is an important part of parenting, yet do you know exactly what a finger-trap is? And what constitutes a choke hazard? These tools are designed to help parents understand safety risks in their home and teach older siblings and babysitters what to look out for. These are not toys, but made from bite proof, food-grade materials for extra safety. 

We have used the specifications for choke hazards and finger entrapments defined very carefully in European safety toy standard EN71Series. The simple instructions to help you use the tools effectively are inside every pack.

Use the finger-probe from around 6 months to 24 months of age, when your child starts moving around as they are the ages most at risk from this type of accident. If the small end goes in further than the marked line and the large end won’t fit in the gap, it’s a finger trap. 

Use the choke tester from about 3 months, the stage at which your child will start being able to grasp anything within reach. If something small can be fitted or squashed into the tester, it’s a choke hazard for under twos and needs to be kept out of reach.

Use the stickers from around 6 months when your child starts to move about your home. These warning stickers will help friends, babysitters, and other children ‘think safe’ by placing our stickers as reminders around your home. 

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Fred Safety Home Safety Check Tools (x3 pieces)


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FAQs about Fred Safety Home Safety Check Tools (x3 pieces)

What material is it made from?

The Choke Tester is engineered from top quality PS and the Finger Probe from ABS. 

At what age can I start to use the Home Safety Check Tools?

The Choke Tester can be used for children 3 and under. The Finger Probe identifies finger-traps for children 6-36 months.  

The Warning Stickers have no specified age range.