Fred Safety Invisible Magnet Lock (x2) - Pure White
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Fred Safety Invisible Magnet Lock (x2) - Pure White


Babyproofing and cupboards and drawers with locks can prevent little ones getting their hands on something they shouldn’t. 

Discreetly baby-proof cupboards and deeper drawers with locks opened by magnets. A hidden, child-proof magnetic lock, the Fred magnetic key works through doors and drawers (max. 30mm thick). Includes adhesive EZ-Dock™ to store the key safely out of reach of children.

With other locks, the partial opening of a cupboard or drawer can mean finger traps form. The Invisible Magnet Lock always keeps your cupboard or drawer completely closed, until you use the magnetic key to unlock it. A red spot sticker will remind you to put the key back in place after use.

The Invisible Magnet Lock does not have any visible parts showing, keeping your home looking aesthetically pleasing all while your little ones safe. The unique EZ-Dock™ allows you to store the magnetic key safely out of reach of your little one when not in use.

Use on cupboards and drawers where the internal surfaces of the cabinet are flat (at least 6cm wide). The side of the drawer needs to be lower than the front by at least 7cm.

The fitting tool will help you seamlessly line up the magnet lock to the inside latch. No need for rulers as our visual instructions take you through step by step. The SecureHold™ adhesive creates a durable bond onto smooth wood, metal or plastic surfaces including laminates and veneers. If no longer needed, simply follow our instructions for easy no-mark removal.

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Fred Safety Invisible Magnet Lock (x2) - Pure White


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FAQs about Fred Safety Invisible Magnet Lock (x2) - Pure White

What material is it made from?

This Invisible Magnet Lock is engineered from top quality ABS, POM and magnets.

Where can you use the Invisible Magnet Lock?

Suitable for installation on cupboards and deeper drawers where the upper and side surfaces of the cabinet are flat and at least 6 cm wide.

How strong is the Magnet?

The magnetic key is strong enough to work through doors and drawers that are a maximum of 30mm thick.