Fred Safety Lower Drawer Catch (x2)
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Fred Safety Lower Drawer Catch (x2)

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Babyproofing and cupboards and drawers with catches can prevent little ones getting their hands on something they shouldn’t. 

Discreet hidden catch to prevent children reaching the contents of lower drawers. The Fred Safety Lower Drawer Catch is ideal for most lower drawers, top drawers, and cupboards where there is no overhanging worktop. A child trying to close the drawer will find it stays slightly open to stop fingers getting trapped.

The SecureCatch™ stops children from opening the drawer wide enough to allow access and is made from bite and choke-safe non-toxic plastic. If your little one does happen to open the drawer, this mechanism ensures that the drawer will not snap shut again to avoid any potential finger injuries. 

The catch is not visible once your drawer has been shut, keeping your home looking aesthetically pleasing all while your little ones safe. The engineered plastic is chosen for its strength and memory returning to its original position after every use. This means it remains functional throughout its life.  

The included fitting tool helps you get it right first time. The SecureHold™ adhesive creates a durable bond that attaches onto smooth wood, metal or plastic surfaces including laminates and veneers. 

If no longer needed, simply follow our instructions for easy no-mark removal. You can also keep base attached and remove catch to keep it for the future. 

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Fred Safety Lower Drawer Catch (x2)


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FAQs about Fred Safety Lower Drawer Catch (x2)

What material is it made from?

This Lower Drawer Catch is engineered from top quality POM.

Where can you use the Lower Drawer Catch?

The Lower Drawer Catch is ideal for lower drawers, cupboards, and top drawers where there are no overhanging worktops. For use on the side of drawers where there is at least 60mm between the side panel and whatever is above it, or on the opening edge of cupboard doors. If using a drawer insert to tidy cutlery etc. you will need a minimum of 60mm between the top of the insert and the top of the drawer.

How is the Lower Drawer Catch different from the Top Drawer Catch?

The Lower Drawer Catch attaches to the side of the unit, whereas the Top Drawer Catch attached to the top. This makes it ideal for cupboards or drawers with overhanging worktops.