Fred Safety Plug Socket Cover (x6)
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Fred Safety Plug Socket Cover (x6)

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Covering plug sockets will stop little ones plugging in items as they like to copy what grown-ups do.

Baby-proof unused power sockets and allow children to play safely. The smooth, no-grip design prevents little ones from tampering, with a two-step, lift and pull child-proof removal. Either lift the arm with your nail or place a coin in the horizontal slot to release it.

Covers UK 3-pin Type G socket and meets all the relevant safety standards.

Operate by lifting the tab (using nail or coin) and pulling the socket from the wall. The force needed for this is impossible for young children. Unlike other socket covers, the Fred covers stay firmly in the wall ensuring that no finger traps can form. Also made from bite, choke safe, food-grade materials. 

Designed to fit a UK 3-pin Type G socket, the size and rigidity of the cover allows no opportunity to force items behind the cover. The shape of the socket cover is also unique as it is an exact match for a YK 3-pin socket unlike many other covers that can cause a higher risk through poor design. Made from fire retardant plastic.

The Plug Socket Covers are easily installed, simply lift the tab on the socket cover and install it into your plug socket. Close the tab until it clicks shut to ensure little ones cannot tamper with it. Detailed instructions are available in the pack, which take you through step by step with illustrations.

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Fred Safety Plug Socket Cover (x6)


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FAQs about Fred Safety Plug Socket Cover (x6)

What material is it made from?

This Plug Socket Cover is engineered from top quality flame retardant high density PP.

How do you remove the Plug Socket Cover?

Either use your fingernail to lift the arm or push a small coin into the slot above the arm until the arm lifts. Then, using your fingers, pull the arm to remove the Socket Cover.

Do I need a Plug Socket Cover?

UK plug sockets have one of the safest designs worldwide and using basic Plug Sockets that do not meet the safety standards can be dangerous as it removes the inherent protection the UK socket provides. 

However, Fred Safety Plug Socket Covers can be used to safely cover exposed UK sockets to stop children from trying to plug in items like hair straighteners which could burn them or cause a house fire.