Fred Safety Stove & Hob Guard
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Fred Safety Stove & Hob Guard


A safety guard in the kitchen helps create a protective barrier, reducing the risk of accidents and burn injuries.

The Fred Stove & Hob Guard lets you carry on cooking safely and easily while keeping children away from any pans, hot surfaces, and stove controls. This robust and stylish Guard is perfect for today’s sociable, open-plan kitchens - so parents can relax, cook, and have fun, knowing that children are protected.

Suitable for all electric, gas, ceramic, and induction hobs.

Sleek and stylish, the Fred Hob and Stove Guard will fit seamlessly into any home, keeping your home aesthetically pleasing while your little ones are safe. The high-quality aluminium allows the guard to discreetly blend into the modern kitchen, without looking too imposing. 

The guard provides side and front protection so hot pans stay out of reach from curious hands. It is also strong, resisting even a toddler hanging from it. The solid heatproof Anodized Aluminium finish hides flames and hot hobs while staying cool to the touch, so neither you nor your child are at risk of burns. 

No tools or screws required, the push-button system is straightforward to assemble and dismantle. The ExtremeHold™ adhesive will remain powerful even at high temperatures. It is also adjustable between 57-90cm wide. Once finished, the guard can be quickly removed leaving no trace and is dishwasher safe.

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Fred Safety Stove & Hob Guard


Performance Materials

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Stylish Danish Design

Designed to complement your home’s style

Easy Fitting

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Trusted by Parents

Fully compliant with EU safety standards

FAQs about Fred Safety Stove & Hob Guard

What material is it made from?

This Stove & Hob Guard is engineered from top quality Aluminium plus flame retardant PA6.

What hob types is the Stove & Hob Guard suitable for?

Suitable for all hob types including electric, gas, ceramic, and induction. 

What size stove and hob does the Guard fit?

The Stove & Hob Guard adjusts between 57-90cm wide, accommodating the widest of kitchen hobs.