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Alarming Home Accident Statistics

Alarming Home Accident Statistics

67,135 children were admitted to hospital in 2020 due to accidents in the home, with many parents not installing safety equipment to prevent accidents from occurring. A report by The Compensation Experts analysing NHS data delves into the issue of child safety within their own homes, revealing a concerning lack of accident preventing measures.

The survey conducted by the Leadership Factor on behalf of The Compensation Experts, spoke to 1000 UK parents with children aged 0-16. The findings unveiled a disconcerting trend: many parents are not installing essential safety equipment, contributing to the high number of home-related injuries among children. The absence of safety features like stair gates and cabinet locks emerged as a common theme, suggesting a potential oversight in creating child-friendly environments. 

The report emphasises the need for parents to reassess their homes, identify potential risks, and proactively install safety equipment. By doing so, it is hoped that this will reduce the alarming number of children admitted to hospitals due to preventable accidents within their own homes. 


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