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Prevention is Better Than Cure: Burns

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Burns

On average, 110 children are admitted to hospital per day for burn injuries. It costs the NHS on average £168,155 to treat a severe burn. 70% of all serious burns are to children under the age of 5. Fred is on a mission to reduce these statistics.

This blog will cover:

  • Why children are at a high risk of having an accident resulting in a burn
  • How to treat a burn
  • How to prevent a burns injury: Things to look out for
  • Safety Made Simple: How Fred is preventing accidents like this one

Why children are at a high risk of having an accident resulting in a burn

In 2021, 7,700 children were admitted to a specialist burns unit for the care of a burns injury. Half of these children were under the age of 2. This raises the question- why are children so at risk of burn injuries?

There are a few reasons why children may be more at risk of this type of injury. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Children are much smaller than adults. This means that any injury will cover a larger surface area of their body compared to the affected area on an adults.
  • Babies and toddlers have skin that is 15 times thinner than adults. This means any burns or scalds are much more severe to a child.
  • Children are still developing their reflexes. Although you may know that touching something hot will hurt, they do not. As a result, they may not let go of the source of heat.
  • Children are still developing their reliable memory. Consequently, if you tell them not to touch something, they may not remember to not touch it or why they shouldn’t.

How to treat a burn

With on average 110 children a day on average sustaining a burn injury, it is important that everyone knows how to treat a burn. It is important to remember the three c’s: Cool, Call, Cover.

Following the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s advice:

  • Cool the burn for 20 minutes under cool running water
  • Call for medical help. This could be 999, 111, or your doctor depending on the severity of the burn
  • Cover the burn loosely with cling film to prevent infections

How to prevent a burns injury: Things to look out for 

Children are curious and although it may not be possible to prevent all accidents, here are some things to look out for to prevent some accidents that may result in a burn injury:

  • Hot drinks can remain hot enough to scald a child even after 15 minutes of the drink being made. To prevent an accident do not drink a hot drink over a child and push all hot drinks to the back of the worktop to prevent little fingers from grabbing onto mugs.
  • Hair straighteners can still burn 15 minutes after they have been switched off. To prevent an accident place the hair straighteners in a heat-proof pouch and make sure all hot appliances are out of reach of children.
  • Most button batteries pass through the body without a problem. However, if a lithium coin cell battery is swallowed, this can get stuck in a child's food pipe. Once ingested, the battery can react with saliva to create the chemical caustic soda. This can have lifelong effects on the child, including an inability to eat or speak normally again. Keep objects that use batteries out of reach of little children. Dispose of ‘flat’ batteries as soon as possible.
  • Children are extremely inquisitive. Try to keep children away from the kitchen when cooking. Installing a stairgate can help with this. Cook on the back hobs if possible. Use a Hob and Stove Guard to prevent children from touching hot hobs and stoves.

Safety Made Simple: How Fred can help prevent burn accidents 

With statistically the most serious accidents either occurring in the kitchen or on the stairs and 5% of children aged 0-4 are admitted to stay in hospital for 3 or more days, the Fred Hob and Stove Guard allows you to carry on cooking safely and easily while keeping your children away from any pans, hot surfaces, and stove controls. The Fred Stove & Hob Guard is suitable for all electric, gas, ceramic, and induction hobs extending from 57 – 90cm. It is reassuringly child-proof with side and front protection which stays cool to the touch. Fred ExtremeHold adhesive has a durable bond – so much so that it can withstand a toddler hanging from it! The Hob and Stove Guard is discreetly designed with easy installation.

As your little ones grow, they will begin to explore the world around them. It is everyone’s duty to make sure that they can do this in a fun but safe way. Protect children from accidents in the home before home safety equipment is needed. An accident is a preventable event that with the correct home safety equipment can be avoided.