Fred Safety Door Slam Stopper (x2) - Dark Grey
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Fred Safety Door Slam Stopper (x2) - Dark Grey


Door slam stoppers act as a barrier for interior doors that can often close with force, reducing the risk of finger entrapment.

Instantly child-proof interior doors and protect little fingers. The tough and bite proof Door Slam Stopper stops slamming doors and prevents children from getting locked in rooms. Includes EZ-Dock™ for storing the Door Slam Stopper out of reach of children when not in use. 

Fit on the top or opening side of wood, metal or plastic interior doors that are 30-45mm thick.

Made with non-toxic, food grade material to give you extra piece of mind if your little one does get hold of the Door Slam Stopper. Fire safety officers recommend that all doors are kept shut at night, so remember to remove the Door Slam Stopper and safely close your doors when you go to bed.

The stylish and minimalist design of the Door Slam Stopper blends seamlessly into any home, keeping your home looking aesthetically pleasing. The unique EZ-Dock™ is included with your Door Slam Stoppers, enabling you to store your stopper out of the reach of children when not in use.

No tools are needed to install the Door Slam Stopper. The high-quality plastic will not deform, stretch, compress, or shear as it is used over time. The Door Slam stopper has been designed so that it will stay in place throughout the day, no matter how many times you use the door.

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Fred Safety Door Slam Stopper (x2) - Dark Grey


Performance Materials

You get what you pay for with Fred

Stylish Danish Design

Designed to complement your home’s style

Easy Fitting

Quick, easy, frustration-free fitting

Trusted by Parents

Fully compliant with EU safety standards

FAQs about Fred Safety Door Slam Stopper (x2) - Dark Grey

What material is it made from?

This Door Slam Stopper is engineered from top quality SEBS and ABS.

Where can you place the Door Slam Stopper?

We recommend that the Door Slam Stopper is fitted on the top horizontal edge of the door. If it is fitted on the vertical edge of the door, ensure it is high up well out of reach of your children.

Important: Your door/hinge could be damaged if the Door Slam Stopper is positioned closer than 35cm to the hinged edge.

Can the Door Slam Stopper be used on external doors?

No, the Door Slam Stopper is designed to fit interior doors with a thickness of 30-45mm.