Fred Safety Multi-Purpose Block (x1) - Dark Grey
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Fred Safety Multi-Purpose Block (x1) - Dark Grey

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Babyproofing and cupboards and drawers with locks can prevent little ones getting their hands on something they shouldn’t. 

Very adaptable, the Fred Safety Multi-Purpose Block has a no-pinch design that stops children accessing inside cupboards, drawers, or appliances (including fridges, freezers, and microwaves). The triple action Squeeze-n-Lift™ mechanism is easy for adult hands.

The one-handed Squeeze-n-Lift™ release is impossible for young children and makes it easy to use holding your child. Made from bite and choke-safe non-toxic plastic, the block keeps your door completely shut, unlike other locks that present a partial opening at risk of becoming a finger trap. 

The Multi-Purpose Block has a simple and discreet design, keeping your home looking aesthetically pleasing while your little ones are safe. The Block can be used on cupboards, drawers, or a variety of appliances, simply stick to which ever appliance needs securing. 

The Multi-Purpose Block is easily installed with no measurements required, simply line up both sides of the block around the cupboard you would like to secure, then stick in place using SecureHold™ adhesive. If no longer needed, simply follow our instructions for easy no-mark removal.

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Fred Safety Multi-Purpose Block (x1) - Dark Grey

£5.99 Regular price £6.99

Performance Materials

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Stylish Danish Design

Designed to complement your home’s style

Easy Fitting

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Trusted by Parents

Fully compliant with EU safety standards

FAQs about Fred Safety Multi-Purpose Block (x1) - Dark Grey

What material is it made from?

This Multi-Purpose Block is engineered from top quality ABS, TPE and POM.

Where can you use the Multi-Purpose Block?

The Block fits round the front and side of single door cupboards, drawers, or appliances.

What electrical appliances can the Block be used on?

The Multi-Purpose Block can fit onto a range of appliances including fridges, freezers, and microwaves, but excluding surfaces e.g. ovens that may reach temperatures greater than 60°C.