Fred Safety Stairgate Y-spindle - Dark Grey
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Fred Safety Stairgate Y-spindle - Dark Grey


Securely installing a stairgate onto any wall or surface in your home will ensure the durability of the protection it offers. 

The Fred Safety Stairgate Y-Spindle is an easy way to fit a Pressure Fit Gate to staircases with rounded stair posts, newel posts and balusters.

This kit ONLY works with Fred Pressure Fit Wooden and Clear-View Stairgates

Providing a secure surface for Pressure Fit safety gate installation.

Made from child-friendly bite-proof, lick-safe materials, for extra peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

No drilling, no adhesive, no wall cups are needed for installation, simply tighten the Y-Spindle with a spanner. Can be used on rounded railings up to 75mm (3”) diameter.

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Fred Safety Stairgate Y-spindle - Dark Grey


Performance Materials

You get what you pay for with Fred

Stylish Danish Design

Designed to complement your home’s style

Easy Fitting

Quick, easy, frustration-free fitting

Trusted by Parents

Fully compliant with EU safety standards

FAQs about Fred Safety Stairgate Y-spindle - Dark Grey

What material is it made from?

This Stairgate Y-Spindle is engineered from top quality Zinc plated steel, PA66 and TPE.

How many Y-Spindle’s can be used on 1 gate?

Up to 4 Y-Spindles can be used with a Fred Pressure Fit Stairgate, where the fixing position is a rounded stairpost (newel post or baluster) up to 75mm (3") diameter. For example, you can fit a gate between two rounded stair posts using 4 Y-Spindles.