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Our Top 8 Baby Proofing Items of 2024

Our Top 8 Baby Proofing Items of 2024

Baby-proofing your home is essential for anyone welcoming a child into their home. As children start to take their next big developmental steps, such as walking and talking, they become more curious about the world around them. Although it is great that children start to explore, sometimes accidents can happen during this process. 

Fred Safety helps prevent accidents in your home by creating reassuringly childproof equipment that can be used as part of your baby-proofing essential kit! Whether it is stairgates or a Home Safety Starter Pack, Fred is there to help your little ones explore the world safely. 

Our Top 8 Baby Proofing Items of 2024: 

  1. Fred Home Safety Check Tools 
  2. Fred Adhesive Double Door Lock
  3. Fred Hob and Stove Guard
  4. Fred Door Slam Stopper 
  5. Fred Stairgates 


1. Fred Home Safety Check Tools 

Choking causes the most amount of deaths in 0-5 year olds in the UK. Anything smaller than a 2-pence piece could choke a young child. Fred’s Home Safety Check Tools comes with a Choke Tester, as well as a Finger Probe and Warning Stickers. 

Choking is a silent killer. As food or item has blocked a child’s airway, they are unable to make noise. The Choke Tester allows you to identify whether something could be small enough to block a child’s airways. 

2. Fred Adhesive Double Door Lock 

Poisoning is the second highest cause of hospital admissions for 0-5 year olds in the UK. On average, over 100 children aged under 5 will be hospitalised each week due to accidental poisoning. Many household cleaning products, such as washing detergent pods, can look like sweets to young children. However, if ingested these pods can cause chemical burns if the liquid gets into a child's eyes, nose or mouth. 

The Fred Adhesive Double Door Lock prevents little ones from entering cupboards and drawers, which may contain these toxic household items. The Double Door Block is designed to hold doors completely closed, eliminating finger traps caused by partial openings. If the cupboard isn’t secure, the red alert tab will appear.

  3. Fred Hob and Stove Guard 

On average, every week 60 children under the age of 5 will be hospitalised due to a burn or scald. Bubbling pots and pans can make children curious, especially if they can see handles protruding over the sides. 

5% of children aged 0-4 are admitted to hospital stay for 3 or more days. Most of these stays are due to burns/scald-related accidents. The Fred Hob and Stove Guard stays cool to the touch whilst also concealing these pots and pans from the front and side view. The Hob and Stove Guard is reassuringly childproof and equipped with Fred ExtremeHoldTM adhesive with a durable bond – so much so that it can withstand a toddler hanging from it!

4. Fred Door Slam Stopper 

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) notes that 30,000 children trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors at homes, schools, nurseries, or shops each year. More than 5% of these crushes will require surgery. 

The Fred Door-Slam Stopper prevents little ones from trapping their fingers in doors. The shock-absorbing material will not slip or deform over time meaning that your little one can explore your home safely without trapping their fingers in doors throughout your home. 

5. Fred Stairgates 

In 2022, 1,700 children were admitted to hospital after being bitten by a dog. Would it shock you to know that children are most likely to be bitten at home, by a familiar dog? Stairgates can prevent accidents from happening not only for your little ones but also for your pets. 

Fred Safety has a range of stairgates to suit your needs. All are stylish, reassuring childproof, and can be opened with one hand to allow you to carry your child safely up the stairs. 

6. Fred Furniture Anti-Tip Kit 

Children are extremely inquisitive. As they begin to become more mobile, they will turn anything into a ladder. However, if a piece of furniture were to fall on a child, this could result in serious injury or even death.  

Secure the furniture within your home with Fred’s Furniture Anti-Tip Kit. The Anti-Tip Kit is designed to anchor and stabilise heavy furniture, up to 65kg in weight, allowing your little ones to play safely. 

7. Fred Anti-Skid Tape 

Over 40 children a week under the age of 5 are admitted to hospital after falling down the stairs. Babies' heads are twice as big as ours. This makes them top-heavy and means they can be injured if they, or someone carrying them, falls. 

Fred Anti-Skid Tape prevents slips and trips on interior floors. The tape glows in the dark so that you and your little one can feel reassured walking on rugs, stairs, and other interior floors during the day and night. 

8. Fred Adhesive Corner Protector 

It is not uncommon for a child to accidentally bump their head as they begin to become more mobile and explore the world around them. However, each day 45 children under the age of five are admitted to the hospital following a serious fall. 

Corner protectors can prevent serious injuries from slips and trips. The Fred Adhesive Corner Protector has shock-absorbing corner guards preventing serious injury from falls and bumped heads. 

As children take their developmental step and begin to explore the world around them it is important to look out for accidents before they happen.  Our range of childproofing solutions ensures that your home remains a secure haven for your little one's adventures.